Rachel Dixon, Xintong Liu, Kate Nicholson

ROAR Materials

Sparking Women’s Conversations Around Sexual and Reproductive Health

Conversations that our team had with young women revealed that many don’t ask important questions during their gynecologist appointments or even engage in conversation around sexual and reproductive health with their friends or family…that is, until it’s an issue.

Our team set out to answer an important question: How should young women engage in better conversations around their sexual and reproductive health in order to own their decisions?

Roar is a mobile library filled with stories and questions composed in journals by women for women. Our mission is to facilitate the dialogue that isn’t taking place– to provide women with a space to freely express themselves, make connections, get curious, ask questions and walk away more informed.

ROAR Concept

ROAR Materials 2The first stage of our journey is an open call to women in NYC to partake in our daily “Roars”– conversations around our sexual and reproductive health– and to co-create a wealth of information that spreads to others.

Research resources

1. Waking up from the Pill, Vanessa Grigoriadis, NY Magazine, Nov 28, 2010

“Fifty years ago, birth-control pills gave women control of their bodies, while making it easy to forget their basic biology—until in some cases, it’s too late.”

2. Interview with Fertility Expert Toni Weschler

“…Fertility awareness doesn’t end with pregnancy achievement. It is an invaluable tool for women dealing with troublesome or irregular periods, PMS or menopause, and can be used as a form of natural birth control.”

Crit feedback and next steps
– The value of mobility is that this creates a campaign tour. What online services/web sites/apps could amplify the value of this bus visiting a town to anticipate or follow up an in-person experience?
– What other campaigns belong on a bus like this (Tough Stuff? Bro Code project? HIV testing? Child immunization? Nutrition? Diabetes awareness? Dental care?)
– What is the age group targeted? Can we narrow down the subject area?
– Is there a medical expert on board?
– What would Jezebel or Good Magazine make of this?

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