IMG_1721As social innovators, your work to improve and invent all kinds of experiences is a form of intervention. Why you choose to make a difference, how you intervene, with what and with whom, and what form that experience takes, are all questions of design.

In this class, we consider design a verb, an activity with intent and impact, resources and constraints, actors and audiences. From that perspective, we trace how far our understanding of design has traveled from a form-giving and styling skillset to become a strategic business tool, and now, as a process and stance for conceiving, carrying out and conveying meaningful social change, how deeply design and social innovation intersect.

As we examine, demonstrate and rehearse a designer’s stance and values, skills, experiences and processes, we will explore a range of methods and techniques for taking a concept to completion, with examples from education, business, urban planning, local government and business.

We will reveal that while technologies old and new enable campaigns, products and services in compelling complexity, it is prior, simpler, systematic design decisions that determine the quality, impact and ultimate value of a designed experience.


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